The New Normal

The project is a concept photography series, which re-imagines the imagery of canonical historical art works and recreates them by by primarily using photography in contemporary landscapes with its concerns largely environmental.Some of these iconic images when placed in an entirely different landscape generate a new meaning both for the original work of art as well the environs it has been put in through photography.
The images or the works chosen do not confine themselves to a particular era or art movement but are chosen purely as recognizable, and relevant images which are reinvented against the polluted landscape of Delhi, to raise concerns for the environment and urban excess that not only manifests in the surroundings of the artist but also pollutes the images creating an eerie ambiance which intends to provoke the viewer to think.
All the characters in the images are wearing gear which alludes to self protection and further references to a largely myopic attitude with which a regular urban citizen operate – lost in a daily ritual of making ends meet and ignoring the larger picture. The waste lying around, the increasing pollution, the ever increasing industrial wastage that one might see on his/her way to their offices or homes becomes a commonplace object. The weight of the iconic images is countered by this chaotic and burdened backdrop of a wasted polluted landscape. The viewer has a choice and the artist lets him/her decide what he/she wants to see and operates with a risk of having the iconic in the photographs become ‘normal’ as well.
The photographs play around with light and tone suited to the environment in which the images have been placed and intends to blend them in, inviting the viewer to be an active participant in the photograph creating an immersive experience to an extent that one can feel the stench and the smoke trickling in through the masks of the people in the paintings of iconic masters.

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